6 Tips for Having Safer Sex

Safer Sex

Sex is a natural, healthy expression of love when you have a partner, but it can be an enjoyable experience if you are single and having sex with a new found love interest or someone you know. However, with STDs, HIV and the chances of an unwanted pregnancy being a reality when having sexual intercourse, you need to take steps to prevent these problems from arising. You can do that by either abstaining from sex or you can practice safer sex.

While abstinence is the safest practice of all, many adults choose not to be abstinent because they enjoy sex with their partner or they want to keep their options open if they happen to meet someone they like. Using safer sex practices can allow you to maintain an active sex life, but keep you from dealing with problems that can occur because of it.

Tips for Practicing Safer Sex

1. Always use protection when having sex with a new partner. There is absolutely no excuse for refusing to use condoms or other barriers when you meet someone new. You don’t know their sexual history and you don’t know whether they are infection free or not. If your new partner refuses to use protection, refuse to have sex with him or her.go to http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/sex-and-love/could-spray-condoms-catch-safe-sex for more information.

2. Check the expiration date on birth control pills and get rid of old condoms. Contraceptives have a shelf life and you shouldn’t use them if you think they are old. Old condoms can break and old oral contraceptives can be dangerous for your health.

3. Use lube when engaging in intercourse. It not only can enhance your pleasure, but for lube it can prevent small lacerations in the vagina that can aw blood. Blood and bodily fluid exchanges are how STDs are spread.

4. Women shouldn’t douche because it can actually increase chances of getting STDs or HIV by killing normal bacteria within the vagina that can protect them from infections.

Safer Sex

5. Learn about your birth control and find out if there are any drug interactions you need to be aware of. For instance, some birth control can be rendered ineffective if taken with antibiotics. It can help you keep from getting pregnant if you use it appropriately, but it will not prevent STDs.checkout this latest news and information.

6. Practicing monogamy can prevent you and your partner from getting infected with a STD or it can keep you from spreading an infection.

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