STD Symptoms And What They Mean

Even though not every STD will show symptoms, there are many times when subtle things will start happening giving you a warning sign that should not be ignored. Many times a disease will remain dormant and the person will carry the virus or bacteria for years, passing it along to their sexual partners, not even knowing that they are infected. This causes the spreading of the disease to grow at a rapid rate. When the disease starts to become more active, it will start showing warning signs or symptoms that if ignored can cause some serious problems. If the disease has been dormant by the time it starts showing signs, it has already progressed making its treatment more difficult to cure or to at least control. Warning signs and symptoms should not be ignored for the well being of you and your partners.

Signs Of Being Infected

There are many signs of being infected and some of them are not totally unusual. One example of this is a rash that has occurred on your thigh area. This could mean something as simple as something has irritated the area such as sweating or your clothing rubbing, but it could also be a sign that you have been in contact with someone that has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Other signs could be as simple as a bump that could be taken as an infected hair or maybe a boil. These are also signs that you might be infected. A fairly obvious warning sign is a colorful or odorful discharge coming from your penis or vaginal area or rectum that is not usual for you. Another confusing sign could be the fact that you are tired all time, running a low grade fever, having diarrhea and suddenly you are losing weight. This could be blown off as you are just run down and maybe need some extra rest. All of these could be serious warning signs and are only a few of the reasons that you should be tested by your local clinic.

What Could These Symptoms Mean

  • Gonorrhea – unusual discharge and burning while urination
  • Chlamydia – discharge from genital area, itching
  • HIV – rash, fever, diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue
  • HPV – Sores that start smooth and become bumpy and rough
  • Genital Herpes – Blistery sores that almost look clustered, fever, aches and pains

Be Aware

Many STD Symptoms are very similar for several different diseases and could mean something totally different. This does not matter, any of these possible symptoms should not be ignored. If these symptoms are ignored, they could turn into something much more serious and in some cases even cause death. In the heat of a fun meaningless passionate night when all else has been forgotten, you could be ruining your life. Some day all when you meet the right person, all of these nights will mean nothing and you will want to settle down with the person of your dreams. All of your nights of fun could now put that person of your dreams at risk.

Ignoring these early warning signs could cause your children to be born blind or not fully developed, or their could be lesions in areas such as their lungs or respiratory tracks. In some cases sterility has been caused and having a child will never be an option. Practicing safe sex is by far the best choice that anyone can make. When sleeping with more than one partner, make sure to use protection each and every time. This keeps from spreading the bacterias and viruses that can cause a deadly STD from being spread back and forth between your partners.

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