Understand how STD testing works

┬áSex is fun, but the diseases you can catch through it are not. Read the tests used to detect sexually transmitted diseases and understanding how important it is to avoid said diseases and know how STD Testing works.In addition to contraception, it is also necessary to perform STD Testing to detect sexually transmitted diseases, to maintain their sexual health and… More →

Everything to know about STD testing and symptoms

The diagnosis of STD infection is done through tests from the collection of a blood sample. In several different countries, we have the laboratory tests such as the anti-HIV ELISA and rapid tests that detect antibodies to HIV in a time of less than 30 minutes.STD testing is done in a STD Clinic dedicated to this type of condition, offering… More →

Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Adolescents

When you read or hear about sexually transmitted disease (STD) or STD Symptoms, STD testing or STD clinics, one question comes in your mind that what is STD. A Sexually Transmitted Disease is an illness caused by pathogens like bacteria or virus. STD Symptoms are spread by oral, genetic or anal sexual contact. Some examples of STDs are HIV, chlamydia,… More →

STD Symptoms And What They Mean

Even though not every STD will show symptoms, there are many times when subtle things will start happening giving you a warning sign that should not be ignored. Many times a disease will remain dormant and the person will carry the virus or bacteria for years, passing it along to their sexual partners, not even knowing that they are infected.… More →